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Segunda-feira, 23 de Março de 2015

From zero to three months


This is the most important period where the maximal learning can be obtained.

For many years I devote special attention to the litters I've breed. Naturally, my main concern tends towards the health of the puppies, the diet to protect them against diseases, but it is also important to watch their own behavior sincetheir birth.

In my opinion, it is very important that the breeder assumes an important role in the relationship with the puppy. That will allow that the puppy will be able to use all his own natural qualities. The age between 0 to 3 years old has been studied by many people, and it's now known that it is very important for the child. This may also be comparable to puppies in age from zero to the three months old. There is a rich literature about first three years of the human-species, one of this is the very important book entitled "From zero to there years", by Piero Angela, not of recent but still actual.

There are also good dog-literature by various american researches, in my opinion with interesting indications concerning this age. I think it is very important that he who decide to have a litter know well the developed-stages of the puppy exactly, because by respecting these stages, he can avoid the later puppy problems.

First Stage

2015-03-23 13.33.18.jpg

During the delivery process, if it is possible, it is always better let the female control everything. However this do not exclude our action in case of need. Concerning the first age, ie., the first three weeks of life, it is necessary to analyze which are the needs of the puppies: food, sleep, warmth, mum touch, brother touch.

In the first days puppies react just to the hunger and to the temperature. Since 10 days puppies old also react to the touch. It is easy to register that they perceive the difference of warmth between the mother and the hand of someone (in fact touching them by hand, they show a light stiffening). All that made us understand that we must only touch them if it is extrictly necessary.

In that stage, the main rules to respect are: to give them quiet, and to exclude stranger presences. It is possible to test the puppies by watching at the instinctive choice of the mother: by nature the female will choice first the puppies more viable (that is valid only for the first two puppies).

Second Stage

Second stage is from 21st to 28th day, in this period it is necessary to keep the puppies quiet, but besides the needs of first stage. It is also the beginning of the stage of the development of senses: noise, light and especially socialization, much with the brothers, less with people. Now, the dog starts the exploration of the surrounding ambient and every touch with them must be done with prudence and it must increase gradually (touch, noises, smells, contact with people).

Third Stage


In the third stage (fifth, sixth and seventh week) it is necessary to gradually increase the contact with humans. If in first two stages it was better the relationship with just one person, since day 28th onward, people who approach the puppies must be numerous. The fifth week is the most important for the socialization with other of their own species. It is developing a hierarchy among them (however changeable). By their mother they have learnt: obedience, subordination, inhibition to bite.

The time from 28th day to 44th day is very important for the development of clean-sense. It is also the right time to teach them to defecate outside on the grass. During this stage it is negative a quiet kennel without noises and visiting people. It is necessary to educate puppies to hear unusual noises, however again, always gradually: records, motors, klaxon, pots, etc. Puppy react at new noises always running away... don't worry! Still, it is very important to check how much time will it take to get him back to the same place where the sound happened and to observe his behavior.

It is good to put into dog's bed or in the other surrounding ambient a few unusual objects of different materials, forms and sounds.

At the age of 6 weeks old (36th day to 42th day) it is necessary to begin to separate the puppy from the brothers, from the mother and from the usual ambient. Then devote yourself only to him: could be better to do it every day: at the beginning spending 5-10 minutes, and then increasing gradually the time. It is important to reduce the contact with others of their own species and to increase the attachment to the man. In practice, we start to modify the natural formation of the puppy, in order to get a puppy integrated with the man. Specially this is a propaedeutic to the coming dressed-dog.

This stage is very important because now it's the time when we establish the right balance of the subject: he must be integrated with others dogs, but with the man too. If we want a good socialization of the puppy with people in general, it is good to invite friends and children to play with them.

Fourth Stage


If the previous stages induces the puppy to a good socialization with the man, now it will be stronger. The dog will be ready to recognize that the man is the chief of the herd. Would be better if he get in contact with all members of the family too.

During eighth and ninth weeks, it is necessary for the puppy to exclude every traumatic experiences. In fact it is in this period that the fear sense develops into himself. If possible, during these mentioned weeks, it would be better do not sell the puppy. There's a need to be very careful with any trauma. It is necessary to be as natural as possible, to be the chief of the herd, play, pet them, yell at them. All this very naturally and with moderation.

It is now the right time for the puppy to obtain the maximum learning and integrate him with humans. Therefore, since now you can start a relationship with the puppy based on what you will demand from him when he will be an adult dog. All this considering his own natural behavior. If he pass through a crisis, because you have exaggerated, these moments will be overcome easily with kindness and moderation.

This schematic analyze of the development stages is a sum of a lot of work and product of careful observations done.

Naturally, I won't list the tests that can be used. Since the 3rd stage there is several tests which can help the breeder with recordable results. In my opinion, all this knowledge in a long time will became a great cultural acknowledgement. I would like to remember that a famous contemporary writer permits himself to say: "Culture is all that doesn't seem culture".

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